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#0022: Everything's Going To Be Fyne

Updated: Jun 2, 2020

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In a tent, in a field, at the head of Loch Fyne, something magical is happening.

It's past midnight and all around me is a sea of faces.

All ages.

All colours.

All backgrounds.

All grinning into the night as they cut loose to Van Halen.

A security guard gives up his post and joins in the dancing. On the other side of the floor, a bearded man in a crystal-studded rainbow flag parts the crowd as he starts to throw some serious moves.

Welcome to FyneFest. Summer begins here.

This all started a decade ago, with a group of friends hanging out together one weekend at the Fyne Ales brewery in Cairndow.

Ten years on and it's snowballed into Scotland's favourite beer event, with two and a half thousand people pitching up to enjoy a weekend of live music, the best of local food and over two hundred different beers.

Sitting on a hay bale under a tipi in the main arena, the emerald hills behind us painting a backdrop beautiful enough to make even the most hungover heart sing, something becomes clear to me.

All around, groups of friends are laughing, catching up, bathed in golden light under a threatening sky, whilst others set off together on the three mile hike to the walkers' bar, tucked away by the river in a quiet spot up the glen. Further away, a couple of women sweep their friend off her feet, her leg in plaster, and carry her across the muddy field.

Strip back everything else and the spirit of FyneFest is still essentially about that first weekend, ten years ago. About hanging out with your mates and drinking great beer somewhere beautiful.

I lost my voice to FyneFest that evening in the tent. I think I lost a bit of my heart to it too.

See you there next year.

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Main photo courtesy of Kat Bowstead

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