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#0015: Cut Out The Dead Wood

Updated: Jun 2, 2020

I love the first garden tidy of Spring. Okay, so the weather isn't great yet, but there's catharsis to be found in clearing out the remnants of winter, to make way for the seasons to come.

This year is particularly exciting. Since I completed the renovation of the cottage, I spent the last twelve months or so focussing on the garden, planting bulbs, and putting in new shrubs, trees and edibles.

I love my garden.

Sure, it's no Chelsea winner, but it means something to me. I like the idea of using it to remember people and places. I planted cuttings from my grandparents' garden to remember them and the carefree childhood days they gave me. Hydrangeas to recall summers on Long Island. Yellow roses for my father in law. Arctic thyme and blue lupins to take me back to Iceland. Honeysuckle to evoke evening adventures in the woods with my dad. A pink, weeping cherry for my beloved Nanna.

Gardening is not unlike baking bread. You put in a bit of effort upfront, let nature take its course, then see what comes out the other end.

And here we are, approaching the other end.

The cherry is about to have a Hanami festival all of its own. Forgotten tulip bulbs are springing up in unexpected corners. The sea kale is nothing more than a couple of leaves right now, but in a few months it'll be a two metre monster.

Or perhaps it won't.

Some times these thing work, sometimes they don't. And you know what?

It doesn't matter.

As I say, my garden's no Chelsea winner. Nobody's judging, so take the risks. Make the mistakes.

If my lupins grow to the same height as me, that'll be awesome. If the snails eat them before they've had time to establish, I'll learn how to do it better next time and I'll move on.

After all, this time next year I'll be here clearing it all back, ready to go again...

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